What is CedrosWorks?

Solana Beach has long been a destination for those who seek to design a lifestyle of their own choosing.  Entrepreneurs, artists, extreme atheletes and others  flock to the town to launch their own personal passion.  At the center of it all is Cedros Works.

Cedros Works is home to women and men of passion and purpose.  Driven by the strength of their ideas,  these individuals have the confidence to work in an open, collaborative environment.

Resourced with all the foundation you need to launch your own passion, Cedros Works lets you focus on growing your business without worrying about managing an office and telecommunications network.

Cedros Works aims to support the explosive success of intrepid ebusiness operators and creative entrepreneurs by providing a perfect storm of location, resources and community. 


Cedros Works isnʼt just another ʻvirtual officeʼ. Cedros Works is a flexible working space, designed and resourced for the independent nimble business operators of the new economy.


Cedros Avenue has become a magnet for creative self starters with diverse talents, knowledge and networks who share a common intrepid spirit and where possible collaborate to support each others activities.

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Cedros Works provides all of the physical, technological and professional resources to succeed in the new economy, including our experts in residence program, book signings, exhibitions and other events.


Shared spaces are also better for the planet, so we like to take that a little further and make certain our space is environmentally responsible.


Cedros Works is committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle and provides monthly chair massages, stretching and ergonomic consults.